COVID-19 Fundraiser

Donation pledge form As all of our Montessori families know, our teachers have been working hard to prepare the best distance learning option we can during the COVID19 pandemic. The Montessori philosophy traditionally places less emphasis on technology and more on hands-on work, in-person collaboration, and dynamic problem-solving; however in this current age, we’ve all …

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B-1 Trail Cleanup

By: Shaniya, Sixth Year Student, B-1 “On November 7th, 2018, the class of B-1 hiked the trail behind the school to pick up some litter. Since littering is horrible for the environment, the class of B-1 took bags of trash bags and picked up loads of trash. We also found some homeless peoples’ places so …

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Mystery History Day

Mystery History Day

Each October, the elementary students from the Switzer Mesa Campus undertake a top secret task: they must learn all they can about an individual of their choosing, only to be revealed on October 31st! This is the annual Mystery History celebration, where students research a historical figure and become that person for a day.

Back to School (at Night!)

Back to School (at Night!)

Each semester, the Primary and Young Children’s classrooms at both the Westside and Sunnyside Campuses host a very special Back to School Night for families. Students proudly bring their parents, siblings and even grandparents into their classrooms and become the presenters of their lessons. Parents enjoy seeing what their children work on during the Montessori …

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