Public Charter School Enrollment

Public Charter School Enrollment

Our Charter School Enrollment Process

Our Kindergarten through Eighth grades are part of our public charter school. Morning Kindergarten through 8th grade are tuition-free. Afternoon Kindergarten is offered with tuition. We offer kindergarten programs at our Sunnyside and Westside campuses. Our Switzer campus houses our First through Sixth grade students, and our Cedar campus serves the seventh and eighth graders.

We encourage you to reach out directly to the campus you are interested in to schedule a tour. (A tour is not required for enrollment.)



The enrollment process for the charter school operates according to the contract between the state and the charter school, according to A.R.S. paragraph 15-184 (A).

Enrollment for New Students

Re-Enrollment for Returning (Currently Enrolled K-7) Charter Students

A.R.S. 15-184(A)

A charter school shall enroll all eligible pupils who submit a timely application, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level or building. A charter school shall give enrollment preference to pupils returning to the charter school in the second or any subsequent year of its operation and to siblings of pupils already enrolled in the charter school. A charter school that is sponsored by a school district governing board shall give enrollment preference to eligible pupils who reside within the boundaries of the school district where the charter school is physically located. If capacity is insufficient to enroll all pupils who submit a timely application, the charter school shall select pupils through an equitable selection process such as a lottery except that preference shall be given to siblings of a pupil selected through an equitable selection process such as a lottery.” (The Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff requested and received permission to select its students based on the mechanism of a first-come, first-served waiting list.