Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profiles

Meet Some of Our Alumni

Brittany Baker-Trease

Switching to the Montessori school from a traditional public school was one of the best decisions my parents made for my life. Because children spend 35–40 hours a week in school, the environment is very important to the shaping and well-being of the child. Being a Montessori student meant for me independence, self-motivation, organizational ability, and social skills. I built on these foundations throughout my entire educational career and into adulthood. As a student at the Montessori school, I was an individual, not a number. Also learning by using concrete materials made the information stay in my head, enabling me to make the transition to abstract thought; learning became fun — it became my education.

Evan Jameson Spencer

I entered the Montessori School of Flagstaff as a 2-year-old and graduated 12 years later from the Montessori Middle School, never having had the experience of what any other educational methodology had to offer. What had once been a “different” little boy grew up through the Montessori system to become an Eagle Scout, Chair of the Governor’s Youth Commission, and a PADI Divemaster. I graduated first in my high school class, founded its chapter of the Key Club, won the Governor’s Volunteer Service Award in the youth category, the President’s Call to Service (Lifetime) Award, the Congressional Award Gold Medal, and the Young American Award. I’m now an Emergency First Responder Instructor; I’m earning a double major at Bowdoin College, one of the “Little Ivies,” and I’m putting the final touches on my first novel.