A3’s Plant Election

“The A3 lower elementary students did a lesson on the election process to decide which seeds to sprout in a windowsill garden. Students queued, signed their names on our voter registration record, and voted in our private voting booth. We first had a primary election to narrow choices down to three.

Students then were able to speak on behalf of a seed to try to persuade voters before the general election. The final election results determined which year will be sprouting which seeds. It was decided that first years will be sprouting Emperor Spinach, second years will be sprouting Cherry Belle Radish, and third years will be sprouting Sweet Basil.” by: Ms. Jenn, A3, Switzer Mesa

A3’s plant election is such a timely lesson for our first through third years to experience as our country conducts the midterm election process. As part of the Montessori philosophy, we believe hands-on participation is key to lasting, in-depth knowledge, so we know that Ms. Jenn’s students have a better understanding of not only the election process, but the importance of their civic right to vote due to their plant election. Plus, we can’t wait to see updates of the windowsill garden as the seeds begin to sprout! What a metaphor for the new budding generation of voters!