Montessori Sings Peace


Light a candle for peace

Light a candle for love

Light a candle that shines

All the way around the world

Light a candle for me

Light a candle for you

That our wish for world peace 

Will one day come true


On International Peace Day 2018, Montessori School of Flagstaff joined hundreds of children from Montessori schools across the globe to “sing peace around the world.”

The song chain began in New Zealand and continued its way from time zone to time zone, school to school until it arrived in Hawaii 24-hours later, reaching more than 50 countries, 1,000 schools and 150,000 children along the way! We are so proud to have been part of the unbroken chain of singing for peace. 

From our middle schoolers all the way to our toddlers, the students at each of our four campuses learned the official “Sing Peace” song, Light A Candle for Peace, along with the corresponding sign language. What a beautiful way to practice a fundamental concept of the Montessori philosophy: peace both within and outside of ourselves!

To learn more about the international movement Sing Peace Around the World and to see photos and videos of students from various countries and cultures, visit Sing Peace Around the World

Below are photos from Montessori School of Flagstaff’s celebration.  

At Westside, Ms. Annie’s class discussed what each student could do to feel peaceful. Check out their heartwarming answers: