Kindergarten Trip to the Arboretum

 In September, the kindergarten students from the Westside and Sunnyside Campuses united for their very first field trip! It was a beautifully sunny day and perfect for a visit to the Arboretum. The bumpy bus ride down the dirt road was an exciting way to start the morning!

 The students took a “5 Senses Tour”, learning how we can really immerse ourselves into nature by being mindful of everything around us using our senses. They used their sense of touch to stroke soft Lamb’s Ear, rough tree bark and delicate flowers. They learned about a special kind of leaf that acts like Velcro, with each child getting a piece to stick to their shirt. They even got elbow deep in some dirt and made friends with the worms! The herb garden was the perfect place to use their sense of smell, but before heading into the garden they got close and personal with a Ponderosa Pine tree and its butterscotch scent! A favorite for many students was tasting tea made with mint from right there in the herb garden. After their refreshing drink, they headed to the pond – not exactly ideal for swimming, but perfect for a listening walk! On the trek around the pond, students reported hearing frogs, birds, bugs and the wind. As they wandered through the plant nursery, horticulture center and flower garden, students used their sense of sight to identify colors, patterns and sizes of all sorts of plants.

The kindergartners also got to visit the Butterfly House, where colorful butterflies could be found everywhere around them. They tried to stand very still, holding out their arms, hands and fingers in hopes that a butterfly might use them for a comfy perch.

Following a picnic lunch among the pine trees, the students set off on a nature hike through the woods. They practiced their balancing skills using a fallen tree and enjoyed walking with their friends and teachers. The bus ride home was pretty quiet with students tuckered out from their adventure. What a successful first field trip! Thank you to the Arboretum for hosting us!