Future First Years Visit the Lower Pod

A group of very excited kindergartners from the Westside and Sunnyside Campuses visited the Switzer Mesa Campus last week, in order to learn more about their future classrooms. The teachers and current elementary students who welcomed the kindergartners were just as eager to meet the new members of their classroom communities. 

The students played a game in order to learn their new friends’ names and then worked together on a creative project. A couple of the classrooms did a folding and cutting lesson, while another tried origami. The older children did a great job helping the future first years with their projects and many new friendships were made! After taking a tour of the school, the students headed outside to learn more about the playground. The future first years were very eager to try out the much bigger playground equipment. When it was time for the kindergartners to leave, many were sad to go. It won’t be long before these students are official First Years at our campus and we are looking forward to them joining our community!

Here are some photos from their visit to the Switzer Mesa Campus: