Can you didgeridoo!?

As our semester-long culture study on Australia was coming to a close, we were very fortunate to have a special visitor in our classroom! Ms. Nicole, the mom of one of our students, has visited Australia and has her very own didgeridoo! She had been practicing her circular breathing and was brave enough to perform for our classes!

Ms. Nicole brought some photos of many of the elaborately decorated didgeridoos she saw during her trip to Australia. 

The students were able to accurately answer what the didgeridoo is made of: wood from the eucalyptus tree! The children were able to look closely at the beautiful designs painted on the didgeridoo and could feel the smoothness of the wood. Ms. Nicole took a deep breath and blew hard into the didgeridoo. The long, low buzzing sound made some of the children giggle, as it’s quite unusual! Ms. Nicole did a wonderful job, giving the students a first-hand experience of traditional Australian music!

Thank you, Ms. Nicole, for sharing your knowledge of didgeridoos with our classes!