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Back-To-School Night in Back Classroom

Children from the Back Classroom were eager to share lessons they are learning with their parents at Back-To-School Night on Thursday, April 18. Thank you to all of the visiting families who made this event a success! Take a look at some of the busy workers.


Back-To-School Night

Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, siblings and friends who attended our Back-To-School Night on Wednesday, April 10! The children were very eager to share the lessons they've been practicing and we had a great turn-out! We hope everyone was impressed by all the work that was presented!

Here are some memories from the night from Ms. Cindy's, Ms.Vikki's and Ms. Bethany's classes:


Thanks again for making it such a successful night!

Shake! Shake! Shake!

The primary classes continued their study of nutrition with a cooking project from the dairy group. First, the classes talked about what sorts of items fall into the dairy category -- some of their favorites like cheese, yogurt and milk. The teachers posed a question: "If butter is a dairy product, that means it comes from cows, right? But how is it made?!" The students were amazed the butter-making process was so simple and they enjoyed their fresh butter with a cracker for snack! Here are the directions we followed if you'd like to try it at home!

 1. Pour a pint of heavy cream into a mason jar and close it up tight!

 2. Add a few marbles. We used three.

 3. Shake! Shake! Shake!

That's it! With everyone's participation, the cream turned to butter!


Kindergartners Explore Measurement

Together during kindergarten work cycle the children explored measuring in inches. Ms. Jill and Ms. Leah's classmates paired up with friends and were given a specific length. As a pair the children worked together exploring the classroom for objects that matched their assigned length. Check out the objects they discovered during this measuring activity.


Kindergarten Field Trip to Guardian Medical Transport

Students at Guardian Medical

 The kindergarten children went on a winding adventure while walking to Guardian Medical Transport.  At the station, we learned about the duties and daily lives of the paramedics and focused on 911 education.  Thanks to one of our paramedic parents we had an extra special tour in Guardian’s one of a kind Braun Super Chief Type I Ambulance.  The children learned about emergency response and how paramedics are helpful people that they should not fear.

Each child got on the gurney, which was lifted up and down, got to see the lights of the ambulance up close and learned about the safety clothing and gear each paramedic needs during an emergency response. After the tours in the vehicles were complete we learned about CPR and practiced this life saving skill on a manikin. 

To end this amazing field trip, Paramedic Alicia and Paramedic Dave showed us to their living quarters so we could see where they make their meals between calls and even let us walk through Guardian's dispatch command center where all the local 911 calls are received. Needless to say, many children ended this amazing adventure saying "When I grow up I want to be a paramedic so I can help people!"




A-3 Spring Things: Triops in Our Classroom!

triopTriops are very unusual creatures with two dark compound eyes and a third pale eye between them.  That is why they are called triops for the three eyes (from the Greek, tri for three and ops for eyes).  With these eyes they can detect food or predators very near to them.  Triops eat algae, mosquito larva, tadpoles, fairy shrimp and other smaller and weaker triops!  Triops make their natural homes in vernal pools called “potholes” where their life span is about 50-90 days.  They are also called living fossils since they have been around since the time of the earliest dinosaurs (about 200 million years ago).  They are relatives of trilobites and horseshoe crabs.

Our class is trying to raise these creatures from small eggs.  We had a few hatch, but the flies that accidentally hatched in our worm factory ate the tiny hatched triops—what a catastrophe!  This week we are going to try again since the flies are gone.  We have to make sure the water temperature is right and this time cover the container so the flies eat no more!

By: Astrid, grade 3

image from

Back-To-School Night in the Front Class!

Children from the Front Classroom were eager to share lessons they are learning with their parents at Back-To-School Night on Thursday, April 11. Thank you to all of the visiting families who made this event a success! Take a look at some of the busy workers:


Community Connections- January


The Cedar Montessori School of Flagstaff sent six students along with Mrs. Larson to an elderly home to entertain the residents. We arrived at a little house. As the owner invited us in, we noticed the environment was welcoming and warm. There were about eight residents that the owner introduced us to.  Along with us, we had brought a skit book and a book of quotes from Kids Say the Darndest Things! Both of the books were at least forty years old, so the jokes were a little outdated. We started out with stand-up comedy. We told some jokes. Next , we decided to perform some skits from the book. We are familiar with doing skits in front of people, as we take Drama, so stage fright wasn’t an issue.  One of the students read some quotes from the book after another student performed a song on her trumpet.  We decided  to do some classic skits the Three Stooges had done. The first one was a classic hit-on-the-head, slap-in-the-face one. The crowd seemed to enjoy this skit, especially when I  did  a ‘Curly’ and ran away going “Woop, woop, woop, woop!”. 

As we were leaving, the owner said that it was great for the residents to have young people visit.   I hope that soon we will return and provide more ‘Stooges’ comedy for them, as the students very much enjoyed doing it. 

Jonas, Eighth grade student

Pathogens Presentation

Pathogens Presentation_fall_2012_001

 In cycle 3 we got a visitor from Flagstaff Medical Center's own, Carmel Plude, an infection controll specialist. She came in and explained fomites in great detail and the different ways that germs and bacteria spread. Mrs. Plude talked about the different outbreaks that have occured in the world like SARS. After talking about the spread of germs Carmel informed the class of how to stop the spread of nasty germs. Hand washing! She said that by washing your hands often you are less likely to get sick. Mrs. Plude then brought out the germ-a-saurus and showed students all the germs on their hands. Hopefully we will have many more awesome speakers like her. Happy hand washing!  

Hallie, Eighth Grade Student

T Gen Laboratory Tour

website t_gen

We’ve gone to many cool places this school year on Fridays, but one of the most fun is T-Gen, a genetics laboratory where they study pathogens (diseases) and try to make cures for the illnesses.  

Another thing T-Gen does is they study genetics. Genes determine how people vary from one another. As you might’ve guessed, genetics is the science and study of genes.

We had a walkthrough and tour of the building. There were receptionists, offices and laboratories. The labs were the coolest and most interesting parts. We saw the scientist extract DNA to find diseases and make cures. At the end, we were able to interact in an activity about community epidemics, and found out how the diseases were spread.

Some people take it for granted, but in the long run, genetics labs, such as T-Gen , are one of the most important parts of regulating safety and security in our modern world.

Tony, Seventh grade student

Montessori Philosophy

Montessori PhilosophyThe Montessori Philosophy encourages children to develop their observation skills through activities that use the five senses, kinetic movement, spatial refinement, small and gross motor skill coordination, and concrete knowledge that leads to later abstraction.


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Arizona School Tax CreditThe 2015 Arizona School Tax Credit lets your donation go directly to a public school of your choice! A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax liability. Any Arizona taxpayer may contribute, regardless of whether your child is attending school.

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Enrichment Programs

Montessori Schools of Flagstaff Enrichment ProgramsTo meet the needs of working parents, we offer a before- and after-school program designed for children 18 months–12 years. The older children can sign up for the many special classes offered after school such as drama, art classes, and music lessons.

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