Shakespeare Sonnet

Shakespeare Sonnet - Montessori School of FLagstaff

On April 7, 2013, all the students from our Montessori Middle School memorized and presented a Shakespeare Sonnet. We were able to pick any sonnet we wanted.  We had four weeks to memorize the original sonnet. Part of the project was to re-write the sonnet in our own words, copy it onto colored paper and include art to make it uniquely our own.

On April 7th, we had a little café for our performance of the sonnets. When it was your turn you stood up in front of the school and performed your memorized sonnet.  When I presented I felt scared at first, but in the middle, I began to calm down. By the end I felt so good I wanted to say my sonnet again. We were graded on our eye contact, if we dressed up and if we were a good audience for the other students. This project helped build my confidence, increased my ability to memorize and taught me to be attentive to other performers.

Paloma, Eighth Grade Student