Kindergarten Field Trip to Guardian Medical Transport

Students at Guardian Medical

 The kindergarten children went on a winding adventure while walking to Guardian Medical Transport.  At the station, we learned about the duties and daily lives of the paramedics and focused on 911 education.  Thanks to one of our paramedic parents we had an extra special tour in Guardian’s one of a kind Braun Super Chief Type I Ambulance.  The children learned about emergency response and how paramedics are helpful people that they should not fear.

Each child got on the gurney, which was lifted up and down, got to see the lights of the ambulance up close and learned about the safety clothing and gear each paramedic needs during an emergency response. After the tours in the vehicles were complete we learned about CPR and practiced this life saving skill on a manikin. 

To end this amazing field trip, Paramedic Alicia and Paramedic Dave showed us to their living quarters so we could see where they make their meals between calls and even let us walk through Guardian’s dispatch command center where all the local 911 calls are received. Needless to say, many children ended this amazing adventure saying “When I grow up I want to be a paramedic so I can help people!”