Is It Important for Preschool Children to Keep Practicing Schoolwork During Summer Break?

Is It Important for Preschool Children to Keep Practicing Schoolwork During Summer Break - Flagstaff Montessori Sunnyside Campus

There’s a great debate among preschool parents about whether children should simply enjoy their summer breaks or continue schoolwork over summer break for various reasons. While the correct decision will depend on family preferences and your child’s needs, understanding both sides is a good idea.

Those arguing for a more relaxed summer break tend to worry about their child getting overwhelmed with too much work. But those who encourage continued summer learning point out potential learning loss and missed opportunities for enrichment. This article will consider these positions and explore the idea that there might be a happy medium.

The Argument for Taking a Break

Life is easier to enjoy when you’re young, especially during summer break. To this end, many people believe that children should enjoy their breaks and not overwhelm themselves with the constant pressure they must face as adults one day. After all, children love to laugh, play, and relax, and many believe that they should be able to do so when school is out.

There’s also the argument that if you make your preschooler do work at home while their friends are out having fun, they might feel alone and left out. They may also come to resent schoolwork altogether and resist doing it in the future.

The Case for Continuing the Work

On the other hand, it’s difficult to ignore the potential for learning loss that can occur over extended breaks. And because the preschool age is a time of rapid brain development, now is the time to take advantage of this significant learning window with more opportunities for discovery. 

Furthermore, practicing schoolwork over the summer allows preschoolers to maintain regular routines. While it might seem like much, this structure can help them feel safe and make sense of their day. Within that structure, teachers and families can give additional time for enrichment with field trips and special summer activities that they may not have time for during the school year.

Practicing Without Overwhelm

It’s important to note that this debate isn’t entirely black and white. This is because there are ways to keep your preschooler engaged over the summer without overwhelming or isolating them. You can try simply making schoolwork part of your regular daily routine so that your child knows to expect it each day.

It’s also important to ensure that fun and enjoyment are part of your learning plan. So enjoy the summer weather by planning some outdoor activities. Incorporate play and movement into your child’s work like a Montessori preschool teacher would. Finally, remember that your child does not have to work the entire day or the whole summer for learning to be beneficial.

Summer Schoolwork Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Most preschool children love to learn. Because of this, you don’t have to feel bad about your child doing schoolwork in the summer. When they like what they are doing, learning doesn’t feel like a chore. Instead, it feels like an exciting exploration. This feeling can make a big difference for your child.

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