A Nutrition Lesson at Safeway!

In March, the kindergartners enjoyed the spring weather by taking a walking field trip to Safeway. They were delighted to share their knowledge about nutrition and to learn more about how a grocery store works. The tour began in the floral department where students identified many kinds of flowers. In the produce department, the children were excited to feel the mist and hear the thunder from the chilled vegetable bin. Here, they were able to try several samples including mandarin oranges, grapes and dried mango. The tour continued to the seafood deli, where everyone had the opportunity to feel a real fish! In the bakery kitchen, the children were very interested in the large oven and giant mixer where cupcakes and frosting are made. They even received a special treat from the baker — cookies! Of course, after the cookies, the milk department was next. The children got to explore the inside of the refrigerator room where milk gallons are displayed and stored. On the way out of the store, Starbucks offered the students apple juice before their walk back to school. When asked about their favorite part of the trip, nearly everyone mentioned the samples!

Photo (below) highlights:

  • Feeling the chilly temperatures in the produce department
  • Naming as many vegetables as they could
  • The first of many samples from the generous workers at Safeway
  • Celebrating their “prize” (cuties)
  • Smelling herbs like mint and rosemary
  • Answering questions about nutrition
  • Feeling a fish at the seafood deli
  • Admiring the giant oven in the bakery