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Laura B. Winkler, Montessori Parent

In a caring and personal environment, dedicated teachers are committed to knowing children as individuals, instilling a natural confidence that extends beyond the classroom. From kindergarten through eighth grade, my children have not only exceeded the academic benchmarks of traditional schools, but have developed a greater compassion and awareness of their responsibility as integral members of their community. I credit the Montessori School of Flagstaff with providing the optimal educational environment to prepare students to succeed in any academic arena, as well as contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Celeste Hebets, Montessori Parent

The Montessori School of Flagstaff has been an amazing experience. Our two children began when they were just in preschool. Our children were given a positive, respectful learning environment. They were supported in their endeavors and had a tremendous educational experience. My oldest child was even reading “Charlotte’s Web” (with help) by the end of kindergarten. Both of my children are now at a college preparatory school and are doing well both academically and socially. I give much of the credit for this to the Montessori School of Flagstaff!

Ricky and Julie Roberts, Montessori Parents

We couldn’t be happier as parents that our son, Trey, spent his elementary and middle school years at the Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff. MCSF’s consistently best-in-Flagstaff test scores speak to the effectiveness of their model and the overall quality of the education he received, but there’s much more than that. The teachers and staff are simply outstanding. Their professionalism, dedication, and additional focus on life skills smoothed the transition through a frequently very difficult adolescent period. This fundamentally enabled our son to develop into a mature, confident citizen ready to tackle the challenges of high school. And they made it fun!

Anne Dickman, Montessori Parent

My two boys are now very successful high school students — and their Montessori background is largely responsible. They attended the Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff from very young ages, and when they graduated from the middle school, they were definitely ready for high school. Although I had been concerned about their transitions from the smaller Montessori Middle School to the larger public high school, both turned out to be very smooth and actually quite amazing. They took with them from the Montessori system confidence, leadership, and organization skills that certainly are contributing to their many successes.

John and Lisa Doherty, Montessori Parents

We have been with the Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff for the past eight years and have watched our six children thrive and develop from the Young Children's classroom through sixth grade. My eleven-year-olds tell me just how effective the flu vaccine is and why, my nine-year-old read The Hobbit in third grade, my eight-year-old is a fantastic problem solver who loves math, my four-year-old is reading with enthusiasm, and my one-year-old is singing the A-B-C's. The value of a Montessori education lies in its whole education approach, an education that is well rounded and incorporates real-world skills, critical thinking, and encourages students to ask questions and seek answers. We see our children apply what they learn at MCSF to their daily activities to draw conclusions, make responsible decisions, and find creative solutions to difficult problems. Our oldest children are looking forward to continuing their Montessori education at MCSF middle school next year.

…imagine a different kind of school, where our natural love of understanding the world around us and our desire to make a difference are continually nurtured. Children continue to pursue their innate curiosities about why things happen the way they do. Rather than being instructed in received wisdom dispensed by all-knowing authority figures, they are guided in becoming more aware of how they make sense of things, how they construct their world. They learn through doing rather than listening. They learn in the many ways that suit who they are as unique people. Rather than rebel against adults seeking their obedience, they seek out the adults who can mentor them, who represent role models they respect, who have life experiences they value. And they find these adults everywhere in their lives.
— Peter Senge, Imagine What America Could Be in the 21st Century

Montessori Philosophy

Montessori PhilosophyThe Montessori Philosophy encourages children to develop their observation skills through activities that use the five senses, kinetic movement, spatial refinement, small and gross motor skill coordination, and concrete knowledge that leads to later abstraction.


Arizona School Tax Credit

Arizona School Tax CreditThe 2015 Arizona School Tax Credit lets your donation go directly to a public school of your choice! A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of your tax liability. Any Arizona taxpayer may contribute, regardless of whether your child is attending school.

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Enrichment Programs

Montessori Schools of Flagstaff Enrichment ProgramsTo meet the needs of working parents, we offer a before- and after-school program designed for children 18 months–12 years. The older children can sign up for the many special classes offered after school such as drama, art classes, and music lessons.

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