About the

Montessori School of Flagstaff

We have been educating children in Flagstaff since 1982. Our goal is now, and has always been, to develop Renaissance children.

The Montessori Charter School of Flagstaff was the first school in Arizona to have its application for a charter approved by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools. The school has been operating continuously since 1995. Our four campuses serve over 360 children from 18 months (non-charter preschool) through 14 years of age (charter middle school). We offer a very strong academic program that recognizes and addresses each child’s individual social and emotional development.

Although we have never stressed “the test” as a means of evaluating children, our standardized test scores have always been among the best in the state.


The classroom community

Each classroom, depending on the level, can have up to three (including two assistant) teachers. At our middle school, three main teachers, who educate children in the core subjects, are joined by specialists in art, music, dance, drama, cooking, yoga, self-defense, scrapbooking, Spanish, computers, physical education, environmental science, and other subjects.

Each student follows a unique and personalized learning plan designed by our faculty. Within each classroom, the children’s ages span 3 years. The younger children benefit from mentoring, and the older students continue to grow academically while developing leadership skills and reinforcing what they have already mastered by sharing their knowledge.