Virtues: Cooperation is Key!

One of the first weeks of school, we talked about the importance of the virtue of cooperation. We use cooperation in nearly every aspect of our classroom, from working on lessons together to keeping our classroom organized and clean. We use cooperation when we listen to each others ideas and come up with the best solution. Without cooperation, our classroom environment wouldn't be the peaceful place we know! 

To demonstrate cooperation, the children attempted to get two balloons into a tub using two yardsticks. When just one person tries this, it's a very difficult task! Balloons end up going everywhere! But when two people use cooperation, it's much easier to get the balloons into the tub! Here are some photos from our fun cooperation activity:

Montessori Climbs to Conquer Cancer!

cancer climbOn August 17, staff and families from several of the Montessori Schools of Flagstaff campuses participated in the American Cancer Society's Climb to Conquer Cancer! The more than 3,700 participants in this year's Climb raised nearly $250,000 to help fund cancer research and MSOF was proud to be a part of the success! The weather was clear and breezy and the beautiful forest scenery made the long climb up Snowbowl Road a bit easier! Thanks to all of the families who participated!


Welcome to all new and returning families of the Sunnyside Campus! 


 Please make sure you are continually visiting our site to check for updates and information! We will post newsletters and reminders, along with photos and information about what's happening in our classrooms.

We're looking forward to a successful schoolyear!


FRONT CLASS: Ms. Bethany with Ms. Ali & Ms. Carly

BACK CLASS: Ms. Felisa with Ms. Blair & Ms. Katie

PRIMARY-AGED LUNCH/LATE DAY: Ms. Michelle, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Brittany & Ms. Elizabeth

YOUNG CHILDREN: Ms. Cindy with Ms. Sina, Ms. Ellen, Ms. Lauren & Ms. Emma

Our Own Charming Cellist

One of the Front Class students had an upcoming cello recital and requested to practice his performance for our class! How could we say no to learning more about this fascinating instrument?!

The students practiced their audience etiquette while our soloist performed two songs. Then he answered some very tough and interesting questions from the audience about his practice of the cello. He showed the other children how to make low and high notes and how pressing his finger on the strings changed the pitch. The students had some great questions about the parts of the cello, which our musician was able to easily answer! For example, one student asked about the "stick" at the bottom of the instrument. Our cellist explained that it is an endpin and even showed how he could raise and lower it depending upon how high he was sitting. He also explained how the stickers on his fingerboard helped him learn where to put his fingers to play certain notes. 

After asking many penetrating questions, the attentive crowd requested one last song. He performed another memorized piece beautifully. Then, our musician took a bow and showed us how he carefully packs his cello away. 

The students were very interested in musical instruments after this concert, and many asked if they could bring in their own instruments to play. We seem to have a class of budding artistes!

cello1   cello4

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Montessori PhilosophyThe Montessori Philosophy encourages children to develop their observation skills through activities that use the five senses, kinetic movement, spatial refinement, small and gross motor skill coordination, and concrete knowledge that leads to later abstraction.


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