T Gen Laboratory Tour

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We’ve gone to many cool places this school year on Fridays, but one of the most fun is T-Gen, a genetics laboratory where they study pathogens (diseases) and try to make cures for the illnesses.  

Another thing T-Gen does is they study genetics. Genes determine how people vary from one another. As you might’ve guessed, genetics is the science and study of genes.

We had a walkthrough and tour of the building. There were receptionists, offices and laboratories. The labs were the coolest and most interesting parts. We saw the scientist extract DNA to find diseases and make cures. At the end, we were able to interact in an activity about community epidemics, and found out how the diseases were spread.

Some people take it for granted, but in the long run, genetics labs, such as T-Gen , are one of the most important parts of regulating safety and security in our modern world.

Tony, Seventh grade student