December Community Connections

Community Connections: Switzer Campus

On Friday I went to the Elementary Montessori School for community service. Ms. Cook was the supervisor of our group. I and two other students went to the upper pod (3rd-6th) to help with P.E. They had a day where they made up their own games for the P.E teacher. I helped in two groups. The first group played parachute switch up. The second group made up arc ball. In this game you have to kick a jelly ball and the other person had to catch it.

Then we switched so everybody got to do everything. So my smaller group went to the front area to help prepare crafts for the lower pod (1st-3rd) craft day. Then I went to read with some of the first graders. They picked out a book, and then they had to read it to me. After that I filled out a form for the teachers.

I think one of the many reasons we help our younger Montessori students is, so that they get used to the feel of this school, especially the new first graders. I know I enjoyed it and I’m sure the other people in my group felt the same way. I feel special inside after a day of community service. It doesn’t seem like community service when you’re doing it with your friends. Community service is really contagious. Especially at the Montessori School of Flagstaff.

Kaylee R., Seventh Grade Student


Community Connections: Salvation Army

Community Connections on December 7th a small group of about 10 students went to the Salvation Army Mission on Humphreys Street.  We organized the donations that were given for the children whose parents could not buy gifts for them. When I saw all the gifts that were given for the children I was amazed. It felt like there were 1000 gifts. I learned that it is not that hard to donate something. It sometimes takes some money but when you think of the good deed you are doing you don’t mind the cost. I found that someone donated a mattress for a family that has no beds.

 I realized how fortunate I am to have presents every year, but some kids are unfortunate and sometimes have no presents. Once all the toys were organized I felt as if I was doing something good for the kids who are going to be able to enjoy these presents. That was one of the community connections we did.

Riya, Seventh Grade Student


Community Connections: Sunnyside PreSchool

sunnyside-oneMy group went with Ms. Larson to Sunnyside PreSchool. We helped the community by cutting out pictures for the kindergarteners to put in their storybooks. We also moved  furniture to prepare for winter and keep if from getting damaged.

It always feels good to give back to the community and to help others when they’re in need. That’s why Montessori students participate in community service.

Ellis, Eighth Grade Student