Our Clever and Productive Students!

Our students work so hard everyday, doing a range of lessons from practical life and sensorial to math, language and culture. Take a look at some photos of our proud students and their work. (Some of the pictures are from our Pajama Day!)  

Broad Stair and Tower of Cubes Extension

Classroom Photo_6

The broad stair and tower of cubes allow the students to explore the concepts of thick and thin and big and small. The successive dimensions of the cubes and rectangular prisms encourage the student to order the materials and create complex designs.







Pin Punching Australia 

Classroom Photo_8

Pin punching is a common tool in our classroom used to promote the three-finger grasp, which is essential to holding a pencil. The continent pin punching lesson allows students to perforate the shapes of the continents which are later used to create a world map.





Creative Writing Story with the Moveable Alphabet

Classroom Photo_11

The moveable alphabet is introduced when a child is ready to build simple, phonetic words. More complex extensions include the creative writing lesson in which students respond to prompts or create their own imaginative story from a picture.

Pin punching landforms

Classroom Photo_12

The landform pin punching lesson introduces opposite land and water forms: lake and island, bay and cape, gulf and peninsula, system of lakes and archipelago, and strait and isthmus.

Animal Groups

Classroom Photo_9

The students love animals, so the Animal Groups lesson is a favorite. This lesson exposes children to the many “group names” of animals, such as a pride of lions, a pod of whales and a troop of monkeys.

Multiplication with the Bead Bars

classroom photo 14

The students begin with concrete Montessori materials before moving on to abstract math. Here the student multiplies by seven using the bead bars.

Tracing Table

classroom photo 17

The tracing table is a great way for beginning writers to gain hand control and strength. Students trace animals, plants, flags and maps pertaining to our current culture study.

Small Hexagon Box

Child with Hexagon game

The small hexagon box is part of Montessori’s constructive triangles materials. This geometry study allows students to use triangles to build other shapes. The shapes introduced in the small hexagon box are triangle, hexagon, rhombus and trapezoid.

Short Bead Stair

classroom photo 2

The Short Bead Stair lesson is the first introduction to the colored bead bars used throughout the Montessori math lessons. This lesson reinforces number recognition and pairing the number with a quantity.

Teens Board

Teens board (math)

The Teens Board introduces the teens numbers as “tens” plus more units. Thus, thirteen is ten with three more.

Map making

classroom photo 23

The students enjoy geography, including a semester-long in-depth continent study, map making, land and water forms lessons, flag studies and more.

Partner Work

Classroom Photo_3

Working with others fosters teamwork, cooperation, negotiation, problem solving, leadership and thoughtful discussion. Teachers observe and support, but students direct their own work.

Check back soon for more photos of our daily work!