April News from the Back Class

April is here and all of us are happy that the spring weather is allowing the children to go outside and play in the mornings. The children returned from Spring Break eager to hold the sharing stone and tell stories of fun trips, adventures and outings with friends. The community adjusted beautifully from a busy month and a weeklong break. 

Australia is a continent full of amazing landscapes, people and animals. The children enjoyed learning that the koala is not a bear. We learned how the mother koala’s pouch has a muscle similar to a draw string to keep their baby safe from falling out while climbing gum trees. The children smelled Eucalyptus soap and discovered that this marsupial has to eat an abundance of leafs to get enough nurturance,   

Ms. Meghan taught the children about Aboriginal dot paintings. This is a simple technique full of Australia’s history. The children saw pictures of dot paintings on cave walls and rocks. They learned that Australia’s indigenous people practiced this form of art to pass on important information. The children are creating their own beautiful dot paintings in the art area. 

We are learning about our 5 senses. The children tasted pretzels, lemons, and strawberries as they learned about the different parts of their tongues. They discovered the areas of the tongue that detect the salty, sour and sweet flavors. 

I have recently had feedback from parents that our classroom’s Amazon wish list is difficult to find, so I have changed the search name to “Leah Bloom’s Classroom”. Thank you to all the families who donated books to our community in honor of your child’s birthday. 

April is a very busy month with a handful of important dates. Back to School Night is April 11th from 6 to 7:30pm. We hope that you can come into the Back Class and let your child share with you their favorite lessons. Thursday, April 25th is our trip to Australia! We invite you to help out at a craft, snack or game station and visit the different Territories of Australia with your child. The trip is from 8:30 to 11:00. If you are interested volunteering please sign up! Lastly, conference schedules will be posted during the middle of April. Please make sure you sign up for a time that works for you and your family.  .


Ms. Leah & Ms. Meghan