Community Connections- January


The Cedar Montessori School of Flagstaff sent six students along with Mrs. Larson to an elderly home to entertain the residents. We arrived at a little house. As the owner invited us in, we noticed the environment was welcoming and warm. There were about eight residents that the owner introduced us to.  Along with us, we had brought a skit book and a book of quotes from Kids Say the Darndest Things! Both of the books were at least forty years old, so the jokes were a little outdated. We started out with stand-up comedy. We told some jokes. Next , we decided to perform some skits from the book. We are familiar with doing skits in front of people, as we take Drama, so stage fright wasn’t an issue.  One of the students read some quotes from the book after another student performed a song on her trumpet.  We decided  to do some classic skits the Three Stooges had done. The first one was a classic hit-on-the-head, slap-in-the-face one. The crowd seemed to enjoy this skit, especially when I  did  a ‘Curly’ and ran away going “Woop, woop, woop, woop!”. 

As we were leaving, the owner said that it was great for the residents to have young people visit.   I hope that soon we will return and provide more ‘Stooges’ comedy for them, as the students very much enjoyed doing it. 

Jonas, Eighth grade student

One Man's Trash...


On Tuesday, April 9th, the Montessori Students participated in a bartering simulation organized by social studies teacher Stefan Vest. In the simulation students were allowed to bring in items they no longer used or needed and trade them with other students and teachers. The school was arranged like an old time flea market. The students were only allowed to trade goods or services, with no exchange of money. This got really hectic. There were items that everyone wanted, so the value would go way up.

Also, if a student wanted to acquire an item and the seller wasn’t interested in their item for trade, they would have to obtain a different item first.  Then they would go back to the original seller and see if they wanted to trade for the new item. This is what most of the students were doing during the simulation.

One lesson that this simulation taught was that if you are very persuasive, you can achieve a lot in batering. For example, Mr. Vest stared out with ordinary junk and ended up with quality items. Overall, this was a very fun learning experience for the students of the Montessori Middle School.

Cypress, Eighth Grade Student




Hands Only CPR


website hands_only_cprOn Tuesday, February 26th, we had a paramedic named Isabel and an EMT named Jordan come into our school and teach us about hands only CPR. They brought human upper body mannequins.  They were made for a real life simulation. First, they showed us how to check to see if the person needed CPR or not. You rub their sternum really hard and if they showed it hurt that means they are still okay. Then they showed us the proper way to hold our hands one on top of the other, then how to press down on the body. You have to keep your arms straight because if you bend them you are not giving the force needed to pump. It is good if you hear the ribs “pop”,  that means you are pressing hard enough. Your hands should come off the body completely to ensure blood enters and exits the heart properly. If you just keep pressing and you don’t remove your hands it will never bring blood back into the heart. A sponge is a good example of this, if you keep pushing, water just keeps leaving. But when you remove your hands completely it brings water back into the sponge. They even taught us a song with a beat to keep time when pushing. The song was “Staying Alive”.  You should check out the video at this link American Heart Association HANDS ONLY CPR Video.

 After we were finished with the simulation, Isabel and Jordan took us out to their ambulance. Inside they had all sorts of medical equipment that they would have in an emergency room. In the compartments on the outside of the ambulance they had tools, stretchers, air tanks, and much more equipment that saves lives.

I am glad that Jordan and Isabel came because they helped show us how to save lives and it was really fun.

Austin, Eighth Grade Student

T Gen Laboratory Tour

website t_gen

We’ve gone to many cool places this school year on Fridays, but one of the most fun is T-Gen, a genetics laboratory where they study pathogens (diseases) and try to make cures for the illnesses.  

Another thing T-Gen does is they study genetics. Genes determine how people vary from one another. As you might’ve guessed, genetics is the science and study of genes.

We had a walkthrough and tour of the building. There were receptionists, offices and laboratories. The labs were the coolest and most interesting parts. We saw the scientist extract DNA to find diseases and make cures. At the end, we were able to interact in an activity about community epidemics, and found out how the diseases were spread.

Some people take it for granted, but in the long run, genetics labs, such as T-Gen , are one of the most important parts of regulating safety and security in our modern world.

Tony, Seventh grade student

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